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About us

Shoeparadis is a young and dynamic, consisting of specialists from the luxury shoe and garment care of cuero.Shoeparadis company.

Hand Made Shoes Online Our team of experts, offers a large selection of items and ideas in Shoeparadis Blog for our customers dare to use our products with

Shoeparadis. Online Hand Made Shoes

confidence using the top, with the advice and tips needed to always have success. We select the best international brands to complement our offer and the

offer "on line".

Shoeparadis has extensive experience in distribution and distance selling.

What do we offer?

The most comprehensive collection available of luxury footwear and care products for footwear, leather and other materials of prestige. Tried and always we test our products so as to properly advise our clients.

A collection and purchase a system that responds to the concerns of women and men today who cares to use high quality footwear, and to care for their loved objects with all the security and the necessary advice.

In Shoeparadis much care quality. We know how difficult it is to buy online, so everything is studied so that you can shop with confidence: the photos and descriptions of products are well studied and are always accompanied by fact sheets and tip sheets to understand their use. Also, ensure technical assistance through e-mail and / or telephone.

Online Hand Made Shoes

A recognized and upscale brands. YANKO , the leading brand in the luxury shoe in the world, SAPHIR , is the manufacturer of products for the most prestigious houses luxury leather products .

Respect to National and International Standards : Our products are made in compliance with all international obligations regarding labeling regulations and safety : All our products have a MSDS and respect the directions of S

ecurity required by the Ministry of Health.

VOC regulations shoe care products : Respect shown in Brussels , referring to the Volatile Organic Compounds , controlled and monitored in all of our formulations.

Eco Packaging : Our products always pay a fee to the institution , so we are cooperating financieram

In Shoeparadis we ensure that the product we offer always assume a great satisfaction for our customers , so we strive every day so that sea.ente in the collection and treatment of waste in the market .

Shoeparadis operates from Spain and distributes worldwide .


Since 1890 several generations have YANKO company making shoes with a traditional process.
High Quality Hand Made Shoes and complements

YANKO production is performed by a traditional artisan process with extensive knowledge gained through many years of experience in the sector. YANKO is one of the best companies that manufacture GoodYear shoes and is recognized worldwide for its quality and craftsmanship.

All production phases undergo strict and detailed quality control, which lets you create a fully warranted product in order to please the most selective and demanding consumers, to ensure that when they choose YANKO acquire one of the best shoes made the market and are manufactured by the most experienced craftsmen in Mallorca, SPAIN.


AVEL Society was founded in 1977 by Mr. Alexandre Moura, his son Marc continues to effectively address today's business. Its factory located near Angoulême (France), is equipped with the most modern materials and has a research laboratory and highly qualified control.

AVEL makes sales in selective channels: shoe stores, shoe repairers and tanners. A very high end quality and important technical innovations have allowed

 society AVEL customer loyalty. Avel has adapted their presentations so that their products meet the high-end image and tradition.

fabrica avel