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Guide to the care of your shoes and most luxury leathers



Shoe Paradis. Cuidado de los Zapatos


The shoes are like fine wine . As they age , the dress becomes more beautiful. The leather obtains its great patina , and shoes exalt its true color. It is still necessary to know how to help the aging and prepare your shoes for being properly used. Maintaining shoes is an art which makes the distinction for the lovers of fine living , social etiquette and buyers of these shoes.


Shoes have a soul

Maintaining shoes ensures full expansion of hides and skins. The quality of the grainy calf shoes could not do without regular maintenance, the height of the thickness of fur and famous Goodyear stitched soles .  How sad is indeed to see that splendid shoes cracked and tarnished?  The shoes have a soul, and often reflect those of its owner.


Leather is a living material

The leather is very much alive, behalf those shoe rectified leathers,  there is a luxury way to care of good leathers. The natural material requires specific maintenance , as to the image of our skin. The leather undergoes the same assaults as our skin does; attacks due to the action of water, physical shoe deformities ...


CREAMS , POLISH AND other leather care PRODUCTS

The wax pastes, Polish

Wax pastes are the basis for maintaining shoes. Its role is to return yur leather into the most flexible, waterproof and  glossy as desired. Wax pastes are distinguished from ordinary waxes for its extreme purity. These pastas are made from very pure wax for the greatest respect for natural materials such as beeswax or Turpentine oils. Thus, these compounds do not clog the pores of the hides and skins but penetrate thoroughly .

These pastes, entirely natural waxes enriched, contain no silicone nor cheap  petrol derivate emulations of natural waxes wihc are mostly done to waterproofing leathers blocking pores and not permitting any  heat or humidity exchange. Wax pastes differ from those that  containing kerosene , burning the skin , or paraffin , which blocks the pores of the hides . Is it in the spirit of someone using kerosene to keep your own skin ?

In this spirit of respect for natural materials, wax pastes are minerals and naturally pigmented skins. Pastes also contain turpentine , allowing dilation of the pores of the skin for better penetration of the waxes used in the manufacture of leather shoes, which are thick .


Shoe Paradis. Cuidado de los Zapatos


Creams action is comparable to makeup in cosmetics. In addition, these creams contain lanolin ( milk and water ) . They serve to exalt the colors of hides , ie repigmentation shoes . The use of creams is a basis for the use of wax pastes . The action of creams supports applying wax pastes, which are used more in a daily basis.


Special omninettoyant suede and nubuck

The nubuck is the name of a calf whose skin has been turned, scraped and brushed .  Thus , the use of gums in crêpe sold commercially is harmful to these shoes. Indeed , these gums shine and oppress toting nubuck hair , permanently. SAPHIR has created this cleaner specially studied for this type of shoes. After simple washing with this product, followed by drying on lasts, shoes find their original splendor and especially keep hair flexibility and performance.




The Shoe Stretch

To reinforce the stretching action of creams and pastes wax, SAPHIR developed especially for customers a leather stretching spray. This sprayer makes leather become even more supple, because quality shoes are thick . 


The special cleaner reptile

Shoe Paradis. Consejos para cuidar sus zapatos
 You never should wax the leather of reptiles , as it could dry and flakes rise . In fact, for these fragile skins, SAPHIR developed this cream  with incomparable power for skin renewal for exotic leathers.



The composition of this product is similar to that of the mink oil cream . Its main action concerns the nutritional power that protects the skins of rustic shoes. The Renovator helps leather to become more absorbent .

Special Nappa formula , based on jojoba oil and protein maize ( plant floor-polishers agents ) allow the most delicate skin to help leather care safely .



Before any maintenance operation , it is important to remove the shoelaces and lasts. The shampoo is the term relating to the preparation shoes before applying wax . A special extender brush, starting at the back of the heel, and continue along the back of the shoe is used crossbar . If the shoes are very tired , the cream should be dried overnight to penetrate well into the skin . The next day , a second shampoo should be made. The shampoo is a recommended operation every three weeks .


Saphir Patina Shoe Care


This second operation must be made about a quarter of an hour, or even half an hour after shampooing. The paste wax should be applied to the entire shoe using a soft cloth. This application is operated according to gently massage technique, and with no friction .


The “Glaçace”

The glaze is based on the addition of a drop of water to the paste wax . The application of the paste is carried out here by means of small circles. You will get a wonderful glacis leaving shoes dry alternately one after the other.

Shoes are glazed to obtain the desired brightness. The unification of the polishing is then performed with a woman's stocking . The icing should be practiced in moderation; properly aged appearance of the shoes is more discreet. To glazes in general and more specifically the tip of the shoes.